About "Mothering on Faith"

Hi reader, I'm Sarabi Frank. Actually, I'm not. That's my name for this blog. I am mother and a wife and a spiritual person, I think. Our family lives in Northern Virginia most of the time, where my husband and I work in international development. We're a little different from some of the other yuppy parents you'll see on the playgrounds in Arlington. We had our babies young, and we had a bunch of them. TJ and I are proud of our little brood-- Ernest (11), Yoshi (9), Tika (6, she's our girl) and Puck (3). We believe that Jesus leads our lives in more ways than we're aware. I'm proud to have faith, to be optimistic, and to let people know I think I'm on a spritual journey. Sometimes my yuppy neighbors ask me if I meant to have so many kids, and I just want to punch them. Sometimes I think they imagine I'm an evangelical hillbilly, and I am quietly laughing inside.

We also have a lot in common with  other Washingtonians. TJ and I devour books, we hang maps all over our little house, we study foreign languages. We drink coffee and talk about economic development models, social safety nets, and security threats. We got our master's degrees while being puked on and wiping behinds, which means our diplomas are smellier than our friends'.

Mothering on Faith isn't an advice column, because I'm not really sure what I'm doing anyway. It's not a travelog, because usually I'm the one chasing the kids and counting heads, so I don't get a chance to read all the little signs. It's just me exploring with my family, trying to understand poverty better, and hoping to awaken in my kids some self consciousness about what God sent them here to do. It's a bit like poking a beehive with a stick. I'm not sure what's coming.

Hope you enjoy the read!