Friday, June 17, 2011

On Heisenberg and Child-rearing

I guess I’m already missing school! Well, I got a break tonight. Atey stayed late and I went—with adults—to the office party at our manager’s house. I ate in peace and had a glass of wine and wore heels. Our manager thanked me for my contribution to the country work, and I smiled and shook his hand. That was nice.
Ernest and I are leaving the other kids in the dust on Brief History of Time. We’ve gotten to the point where general relativity breaks down at the singularity when the universe is collapsed in a point. Ernie explained to me that there can’t be relativity when there are no two objects to witness motion relative to one another, and so there can’t be time either. Now we’re getting into Planck, Heisenberg, and the uncertainty principle. I guess when all the other order breaks down, there’s still another order beneath that, but it’s an order that says you can’t predict everything at the same time.

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