Sunday, May 1, 2011

Body Troubles--Ears, Eyes and Rear-ends

When you’re not throwing up or having diarrhea over here, it seems you’re fighting off other bacteria in your eyes and ears. Maybe it doesn’t help that kids like to touch, rub, smear and then taste virtually everything around them. I watched Puck slurp pool water at the Cambodiana this afternoon after he had gone down the water slide a hundred times. He’d fill his cheeks with pool water, climb out of the baby pool and run into the middle of the pool deck, where paunchy old men and seedy, tattooed globe-trotters sprawled out on deck chairs, then spurt the water over them. Mommy was amused …and embarrassed. Ernest spent the afternoon forgetting his homework in the deep end, diving, flipping, cannon-balling over and over and over.
Small wonder, then, that we wring out our suits on the balcony and complain about ears and eyes. My advantage here is that amoxicillin is 3 bucks over-the-counter. Its GlaxoSmithKline powder packets, and I have to stir it into juice. We can get the cycle started right away, rather than suffering a few days to get a slot with the pediatrician.