Tuesday, March 8, 2011

People-Watching and Bus Rides

Cambodia is taking the uppity out of us, if there is any left. We have a frank and familiar relationship with the toilet, increasing indifference to bodies and smells, relaxed approach to inter-personal touching, staring, and questioning, and a more relative sense of road safety.
That said, I've become more keenly aware that I am taller and heavier than the people around me, that being raised with money makes your teeth whiter and straighter, and your feet better cared for.

Tika has been having particular anxiety about all the disfigured people we encounter here--men and women missing arms or legs, some from landmines, some from other accidents, faces badly burned. I've tried to take the fear out of her by hiding part of my arm behind my back, or bending my leg to hide part of it, and showing her how she looks when she does it to herself. See? It's the same you and me, but only part isn't there. She's tentative about that.