Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ernest the Engineer, and Puckie Makes an Observation

Ernie is working like and ox, and also getting a lot of new perspective on the world around him. I think if he could have his ideal house, he would have an engineer's drafting room all to his own, because he likes to break off from us every now and then with his pencil and notebook and draws up ideas. Once in a while he calls out "How do you spell hydraulic ?" I have peeked into his notebook and found drawings of pistons and rotors and electrical lines, and he makes pro-and-con lists that talk about renewable resources, low-cost, accessible, and clean. I leave him alone when he's at work, and just keep a steady stream of aid agency press releases coming home about road projects, rural electrification, and health infrastructure. And it doesn't take much pointing out for him to notice the deficiencies around here.
I love them all. Each one is budding with new observations and nuanced conversation. I was hugging Puckie at the side of our street this morning waiting for the school van, and he leaned in and sniffed me closely, then leaned out to look at my whole face and said, "Did you notice it smells like barbequed chicken around here?"