Sunday, February 20, 2011

Picnic in Kean Svay

Tika and Puck and I are writing this post together, and they are sharing the chair with me and telling me what they want to write about. We send hugs to all our family!
 We had such a big morning. This morning, we went with driver, Phin (that's "Pin") in his jeep a few miles east of Phnom Penh to a little village called Kean Svay, where we went to an outdoor market. Ernie and Yosh were pretty impressed with the weird stuff for sale. We saw roasted snakes, roasted frogs, and boiled turtles. Of course, we just took pictures of those. We bought some jackfruit and chicken and rice and bananas, and we got a spot on a covered dock out next to the river to have a picnic. Tika was a little bit nervous, because we had to walk out there on a narrow plank, and the dock was made out of bamboo. But then Ernest and Yoshi noticed that there were a few kids following us there who stood around watching us eat. They were pretty good climbers, and they could scale the raised docks up and down from the water. Some of them were waiting to get our cans, because they were collecting cans to recycle. Ernie and I liked the roasted chicken. While we were eating, a guy in a covered canoe came paddling up, because he wanted to give us a ride. So after our lunch, we took a canoe ride with him, and saw some more picnickers, and also some water lilies. He picked a few for Tika, and now they are on our kitchen table, next to the big bunch of bananas.
 While we were riding back to Phnom Penh, Ernie and Yosh were wrestling in the back seat. But they were also getting a good view of Cambodia outside of the city. Houses are sometimes like shacks, and sometimes like mansions, and mostly they're built on stilts. People can fit anything on a motorbike, including one guy who had a whole toystore mounted on the back of his bike. We also learned what Buddhist monks look like. They're not ladies in orange dresses, like Yoshi first thought.