Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Departure Day!

Departure day! My family and friends are more nervous than we are. Once everything is boxed and taped, appliances unplugged and gas turned off, you get to the point where you’re sitting on the couch watching the time go by. The big kids have been out of school for a week now, watching Netflix, building snow forts, and taking full advantage of a bonus vacation. Yesterday was my last day in the Washington office, and I have been getting ready for the move. It felt great to put the laptop in my bag and walk out of there.
Tika and Puck are in their usual routine, or maybe they know something is afoot but won’t let on. They are fighting over a balloon that Tika’s class gave her as a good-bye. Now they are carrying it out the front door and around the tree in front. Uh-oh! And it is blowing quickly away over the neighbors’ houses! They are screaming and pounding each other, stomping back into the house. But we are leaving in 45 minutes! They are deaf to my reasoning. They will pout and kick and point out the window even to the last moment.
I am exhausted and wired and hopeful for adventure. And all the while my kids remind me, this will be a journey in motherhood. Puck has long strings of booger running from his nose and he’s slapping the front window. Yup—we’re in this one together.