Monday, January 31, 2011

Separation Pains, and Shots

Not all things are easy. Dragging four children into the clinic for third-round vaccinations isn’t pretty. In case they hadn’t figured out the procedure on the first shot, they now understand it through and through. And Puck wants nothing to do with it. My sweet little guy! How else do you protect yourself from typhoid and Japanese encephalitis? (In case you're planning a trip to Cambodia, here's the CDC's list of recommended vax).
And a heartbreak. Today we said our goodbyes with our long-time nanny. She is like a third grandmother in our family. We have been helping her transition to another home so there’s no interruption to her income. But it’s not as simple as changing front-door keys and switching her commute, as anybody knows who’s bonded with kids. I see her hide her face in her sleeve and her chest heaving big cries behind her arm. I am so sorry for this good-bye. Puck opens the window to press his face into the screen as she is walking away.