Monday, January 24, 2011

Relocation Stress

Moving isn’t easy, but getting this family ready for relocation is creative stress. It’s giving me a chance to think about what it really takes to make everybody healthy and happy for six months, anyway. And that’s not too much. We’re banking on the economy luggage allowance, and planning everything around that. I’ve got a spreadsheet with columns corresponding to checked luggage items. Is this process going to drive me crazy?

A huge relief—we have confirmed the kids’ registration at a Christian school in Phnom Penh. Logos International School. I click through the photos online and see smiling Khmer and Indian and Chinese and British and American kids. I can’t believe they have open spots for all four of our children! I feel blessed. The principal called me here in the States. That was very kind. Already I feel like we’re connecting to a community like us, people who want to embrace the world with eyes wide open.  I’m glad, too, for the kids that they will be at a missionary school and not one of those elite international schools. It bothers me that people who practice development work raise kids in cloistered tea-parties. Seems like the price of those places would attract a weird combination of international-aid-preppies and mafia kids. Oh well. Everyone has his own place. And we’re still feeling around for ours.