Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year and New Adventure

Life's a spiritual journey for everyone, but it's an even more curious journey for moms.

Maybe it took me having four kids to realize that they're each funny observers capturing their own take on the world. As I'm watching them grow up, I see that their vantage points on the world around them define what they see of others and of themselves. And so I feel like I have a special role to guide their frame of view toward parts of the world that make them wonder, reflect, and learn.

So that's what my blog is about. This isn't an advice column on mothering--because I mostly mother by the seat of my pants. It's not a travel journal, either, since when we go places, I'm the one chasing after the kids and counting heads, and I don't get much chance to read the little signs. I'm trying to be a spiritual person, but I don't pretend to know much about that, either. I guess it's a few shots in the dark at teaching my kids about the world, opening their eyes to new things, and trying to awaken their spiritual identities, even as I'm not sure what those will be.

As for me, I'm a development specialist working for an international aid agency, and my husband, TJ, works on international development, too. We eat our milk and cereal with maps hanging around the table. We read bedtime stories about little children in Ethiopia and India and Vietnam. We study foreign languages and take business trips all over the place, and we imagine that our kids will someday do the same. And even though the past few years in Washington DC have been pretty serene--making babies, setting up house, doing our jobs, and managing kids' homework and sports practices--we envision putting more road beneath our feet in the future.

Instead of cooking up another baby this year, I'd like to cook up an adventure for our family. I hope you enjoy reading about our journeys.